There are a lot of people who will just go to the local big box store and buy a water heater without even checking with a local plumber.  Then, they must either install it themselves or contract with the big box subcontractor to install it.  We know from being in the industry for so long that many of the sub-contractors for these big box stores share a portion of the installation with the behemoths, leaving the plumbing contractor with just enough to survive on and definitely not enough to spend on advertising.  As a result, these contractors are left dependent upon the business supplied by the Home Depots and Lowe’s of the world.  

This may not sound so bad because we all know Home Depot and Lowes will be able to refer a lot of business to them.  The problem is that the more dependent they become, the more the big boxes can take of the profit.  Also, if the big box store decides to start throwing the business to a different water heater contractor, the local water heater replacement company has built no other lead source and could very easily go out of business.

When the local Round Rock resident finds that their new water heater has broken, good luck getting a different contractor to warranty it.  Often times, the store only warranties the part, not the labor, so our Round Rock neighbor is left to pay twice for the installation of one water heater.  Good for Home Depot, bad for Round Rock!

I think my father summed up our business philosophy best,  “We want you to know that your business is important to us and that you are important to us as well.  If not for you and your business there would be no us.”

You see, we specialize in water heaters right here in Round Rock.  You can see us, talk to us, praise us, or fuss at us at the Round Rock Express game or at the H.E.B.  We are part of the community, and we care about our community.  We do our best to make sure when you see us at Flix Brewhouse, you buy us a popcorn, not throw popcorn at us!  

We look forward to talking with you about your water heater repair, or if necessary, your water heater replacement.  We will give you a fair deal, and fast, quality service.  

Help Round Rock, help your community, buy local.  We aren’t the only local plumbers in Round Rock, but we are the best water heater experts.  Now…stop fooling around.  Arthur Blank will not personally come to your house if a water heater broke that is still under warranty.  I will!  Call me!

Call the Water Heater Replacement Experts today, and you’ll be taking a nice hot shower this evening!

512-596-5215 FAST, LOCAL, PROFESSIONAL PLUMBERS WHO ARE WATER HEATER SPECIALISTS BASED RIGHT HERE IN ROUND ROCK AND ALSO SERVING PFLUGERVILLE AND GEORGETOWNA lot of people think that because we are not Austin, we have limited choices, but with all of Williamson County and Pflugerville, there are over 250,000 people living here.  It’s still not as big as Austin, but there are definitely enough people living in Round Rock, Georgetown, and Pflugerville that we have plenty of choices where to shop for just about anything we need.  

Whether you are shopping for cars, clothes, groceries or a new water heater, you have choices.  We can’t help you with the other things, but we definitely hope you give us a chance to compete for your business.  At Water Heater Round Rock, we offer 24/7 plumbing services for emergencies, and when we install a new water heater, we stick around for the warranty.  We believe there is an advantage to using local businesses, but we think it’s especially important when it comes to plumbing.  If you fork out the money it costs to buy a water heater, your plumber should still be around when the warranty ends.  Water Heater Round Rock has been around Round Rock for years, and we’ll be around for years to come.