Water Heater Replacement

Hot Water Heater Replacement May Be Unavoidable

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A hot water heater replacement can be stressful. Replacing a water heater is hardly every on anyone’s vision board. Although water heaters are designed to last a decade or two with proper care, inevitable, eventual water heater failure pretty much puts every homeowner in position of needing hot water heater replacement at some point.

Our Water Heater Replacement Specialists May Have Solutions That General Plumbers Wouldn’t Have

Think about it…

We see water heater issues every day. We’ve worked on every brand of water heater and tackled every problem a water heater can have…


Other companies might see a hot water heater replacement once or twice a month. With more experience specifically with water heaters, Water Heater Round Rock plumbers are simply better equipped to advise you on whether a water heater replacement is really required or if a smaller repair will put your water heater back in service for years, saving you the cost of a water heater replacement.

While replacing a water heater will probably suck initially, we try to make it sting a little less. Our licensed plumbers specialize in water heaters, so naturally, hot water heater replacement is a task they’ve mastered. This means that we first evaluate your water heater to ensure that replacing the water heater is the only viable solution.

Sometimes, a quick fix does the job and saves a lot of money. Once it’s clear that the water heater needs to be replaced, we can help you understand the brand, sizes, and features you need to ensure that we replace your water heater with a new water heater that will meet the hot water needs of your family and your house, operate efficiently, and is the most effective solution for you.

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Do You Really Need To Replace Your Water Heater?

The reality is that there are probably a lot of water heaters replaced that didn’t need to be replaced. Obviously, water heaters fail and need to be replaced, and sometimes, someone may choose to replace a water heater rather than fixing it because the peace of mind of having a new water heater is worth the difference between water heater replacement and cost to fix the water heater.

But there are other times when a person may be in a bit of a financial bind, and the ability to squeeze a couple more years out of hot water heater can provide a comfortable distance from the inevitable water heater replacement to save the money gradually so it’s not such a shock to the budget.

In either case, our water heater replacement experts will explain the options and the risks and rewards of each so that you can make a decision that makes YOU comfortable. To be clear, there are circumstances where the only option is to replace the water heater, but if there are other possibilities, we are much more likely to find them than someone who has more generalized skills.

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Gas Water Heater Replacement

We are proud to service all brands of gas water heaters. We have the expertise and experience to replace your gas water heater in a safe manner, not only keeping your water hot but keeping your family safe. You should only use licensed plumbers for gas water heater replacements, and we think it makes sense to call us first!

Electric Water Heater Replacement

Any time you are working with electricity, extra caution is required. We think it’s especially important to use professionals when it’s time for an electric water heater replacement. The unique combination of water and electricity inherent in the project is not to be taken lightly.

Tankless Hot Water Heater Replacement

Instant hot water heaters are unique among water heaters. Some plumbers won’t even work on them because of limited experience. We are happy to help you replace your tankless water heater quickly and safely.